An Overview of the Widgets That Come With WooCommerce

When you install WooCommerce it gives you several widgets that you can use in sidebars and footers throughout your stores site.

In each screenshot below, I will show you what the settings are for the widget and how it will appear on your site.

Note: How it looks on your site may change slightly depending on your theme.

WooCommerce Cart

This allows for your customers to see what they have currently in their cart. The option to hide the cart if empty is nice as it will save space in your sidebars.

widgets woocommerce cart

WooCommerce Products

Here you have control of what you want to show. The options are:


  • All Products
  • Featured Products
  • On-sale Products

Order by

  • Date
  • Price
  • Random
  • Sales


  • DESC
  • ASC

The option to hide free products is a nice touch.

widgets woocommerce products

WooCommerce Layered Nav

This is a great widget that allows you to filter the list by any product attribute that you have created.

widget woocommerce layered nav

WooCommerce Price Filter

This filter allows for the customer to show products in specific price rangers. And the widget only shows up on archive pages such as your shop or category archive page. It will then filter out byprice the products on that particular page.

widget woocommerce price filter

WooCommerce Product Categories

A simple way to list your product categories as a dropdown or a list.

widget woocommerce product categories

WooCommerce Product Search

This is good if you want to give your site visitors the capability of searching only your products.

widgets woocommerce product search

WooCommerce Product Tags

Displaying your products tags in a tag cloud.

widgets woocommerce product tags

WooCommerce Recently Viewed

This will give your customers a chance to see what products have been recently viewed by other visitors and themselves.

widgets woocommerce recently viewed

WooCommerce Recent Reviews

If you do allow reviews on your products, you can show recent reviews with this widget.

widgets woocommerce recent reviews

WooCommerce Top Rated Products

This widget is only useful if you have added the ability for your customers to rate your products.

widget woocommerce top rated products
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