Strategize Wisely: AI-Powered Conversion Rate Optimization

AI-Powered Conversion Rate Optimization is a new Conversion Intelligence trend!

If you’re thinking of bringing your marketing campaign to a whole new level, think about implementing one of the coolest Landing Page Builders on the web. Developed by Unbounce, the builder offers a state-of-the-art AI-powered conversion rate optimization tool – Smart Traffic. We absolutely love the tool and are going to cover it in this post in the first place.

Unbounce Landing Page Builder: Features

Unbounce offers a Landing Page Builder that gives you tons of conversion rate optimization opportunities! Therefore, the builder itself comes jam-packed with impressively diverse features:

  • absolutely customizable landing pages;
  • +100 high-converting landing page templates
  • conversion rates optimization (A/B testing, dynamic text replacement, real-time data dashboard, etc.);
  • Smart Traffic (an AI-powered conversion rates optimization tool);  
  • unlimited popups and sticky bars
  • integrations with almost any marketing automation/ CRM (read more here);
  • industry-leading safety features and protocols, etc.

Why is Smart Traffic so Special?

© Unbounce. AI-powered optimization tool for Landing Pages.

Landing pages are an essential part of your marketing strategy. At the same time, though, there is no such thing as a perfect landing page that converts every visitor.

You may already know that the highest conversion rates aren’t an accident – they’re a result of honing each element of your campaign on an ongoing basis. But in most cases, landing pages don’t speak to each person uniquely.

For this reason, Unbounce has created Smart Traffic, an AI-powered conversion tool, that automatically routes each visitor to the unique landing page that is most likely to convert.

AI-Powered Conversion: How It Converts More Visitors

Conversion Intelligence

Conversion Intelligence is a fundamental change in the approach to marketing strategies and is indeed the future of marketing. Unbounce is building machine learning models to get you the insights you need to prioritize optimization and maximize conversions at every step. They call it Unbounce Conversion Intelligence™️, which you can see in action

How Smart Traffic Works

Smart Traffic is a conversion intelligence tool that tests, predicts, and enhances your campaigns. These split-second routing decisions are more accurate than a human-powered test.

© Unbounce. AI-powered optimization tool for Landing Pages.

Unlike A/B testing, Smart Traffic lets you create as many variants as you need to appeal to each type of visitor and generate more leads!

Smart Traffic shortens testing cycles and turns data points into actionable recommendations. In other words, the tool looks at each visitor’s attributes and learns about what version of the page is most likely to convert different visitors. It then dynamically routes them to this version of the page that’s most relevant to them based on their unique context.

Pages uisng smart traffic see an average conversiob lift of 30%.

Build More Landing Pages

Preferably, you need around five landing page variants on average to get started, because Smart Traffic needs somewhere to send traffic to. What you need to do, is to build a decent landing page, add some more different variants and turn on Smart Traffic to see what it can do for your campaigns. In fact, Unbounce has developed +100 landing page templates to help you build incredible and impactful landing pages without a developer!

Turn on Smart Traffic for AI-Powered Conversion

Smart Traffic starts optimizing real fast! The speed at which Smart Traffic starts optimizing is absolutely impressive. It starts optimizing in as few as 50 visits! No more waiting months for enough traffic to hit your landing page very quickly.

Publish Landing Pages

To see the fantastic changes to your marketing campaign, you need to set a conversion goal and have at least two landing page variants to publish. As soon as you publish the pages, Smart Traffic does all the work and optimizes your conversion rates in as few as 50 visits! See the miracle happen within the blink of an eye!

Pre-sale Perks!

Before trying out the product, Unbounce suggests trying out some other lit options:

  • Check out your current Landing Page with a Landing Page Analyzer here.
  • Take the Builder for an Interactive Test Drive!
  • Chat option if you need a little help figuring out which plan fits exactly your needs!

Start your 14-day trial now and enjoy the effortless increase in conversions! 😉 Check out the pricing plan options here and for even more customizable concierge plans here.

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