Differentiating approaches to two use cases: public and wholesale

If you feel like applying an individual approach to your customers and making it easier to find their way around numerous product pages – check out this super helpful WooCommerce Wholesale Pro plugin.

Why Barn2?

Barn2 is a software company specialising in developing practical top-notch WordPress and WooCommerce plugins. Barn2 consulted with 100’s of wholesale stores to design the ultimate WooCommerce wholesale solution. Differentiated approaches to building your site may be crucial to your customers, because all your customers have different purposes and appreciate it when you show your assistance in reaching them.  


There are two use cases: public and wholesale. You’ll get a hidden area that only wholesale users can see, with wholesale registration, B2B discounts and quick order forms. 

You can also hide the public shop from the wholesale buyers. When a wholesale user logs into their account, any links to the main public Shop page will be hidden. Instead, WooCommerce Wholesale Pro creates a ‘Wholesale Store’ page which lists your wholesale products in the appropriate layout.

The plugin allows you to show the same products to both public and wholesale customers: public customers see the standard product pricing, and logged in wholesale users see the correct wholesale price for their role.

If you have products which are only available to public customers, then you can set specific categories to ‘Public Only’ so that they will be hidden from wholesale users.

Look at the perks WooCommerce Wholesale Pro has to offer:

Advanced wholesale pricing discounts: 

  • Create unlimited wholesale roles, each with their own pricing.
  • Set global or category percentage discounts.
  • Add wholesale prices for individual products.

Easily add wholesale users:

  • Allow wholesale buyers to register.
  • Choose whether to hold new accounts for moderation or allow instant access.
  • Add wholesale users manually or quickly convert existing customer accounts.

Help your public and wholesale users feel satisfied and get exactly what they want from your site! Get the WooCommerce Wholesale Pro plugin, which is available now and comes fully backed by the 30-day money-back guarantee!

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