Woocommerce Brands

Let’s talk about brands. What is it? What role do they play in our lives? Why do they need? Do you sometimes think about brands for your store? How do they help you?

What is it?

A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or other feature that distinguishes an organization or product from its rivals in the eyes of the customer. Brands are used in business, marketing, and advertising. Name brands are sometimes distinguished from generic or store brands.

What role do they play in our lives?

Whether we realize it or not, brands dictate our world. They’re always surrounding us, thus we are constantly being marketing to in one way to another. From the bracelets on our wrists, to backpacks, to earphones, to the cup in our hands, almost everything we use has a brand pasted on it. These brands enable connotations in our mind. They tell us information about the product and arbitrarily about the person wearing it.

When we become aware of how much brands really influence our actions, interactions, and perspectives in life, the truth is quite sobering…

It’s not to say that brands don’t have a good use in our lives. Brands carry information about a product’s’ value and can actually add to our experience. They help us see what is worth spending our money on and what is not. But the danger comes in when we let those things dictate our lives – when the companies are successful in making us feel like we can’t live without their having their brandname on a product and when we judge the status of people based on a 2 centimeter logo.

Why do they need?

Let’s look at 10 reasons why have your brand is important:

  • Branding promotes recognition
  • Brand helps set you apart from the competition
  • Brand tells people about your business dna
  • Brand provides motivation and direction for your staff
  • A strong brand generates referrals
  • A strong brand helps customers know what to expect
  • Brand represents you and your promise to your customer
  • Brand helps you create clarity and stay focused
  • Brand helps you connect with your customers emotionally
  • A strong brand provides your business value

Brands in online store

How do you think it is important to have a brand page in your store?

For example:

You saw beautiful jeans on some online store and you want to know brand of this jeans, but how? Okay, maybe, you’ll can read this brand in title. How will be you search all jeans of this brand? You’ll be open a page with all jeans and will be looking for a brand on this page? I’m sure that this way is not a convenient.

So, how will you do it? We are suggest for you Woocommerce Brands. This plugin will help you to solve issue with brands.

Woocommerce Brands

Brands are a guarantee for quality, they assure product recognition in customers. WooCommerce Brands will help you to showcase them. Each brand has name, description and image.

Woocommerce brands will help create a brand page in a few minutes. We’ll show you how to create a brand page, and you’ll see that it’s not difficult.

The Plugin menu

The plugin menu is located in Woocommerce -> Product Brands.

The plugin has four tabs:

  • General
  • Slider
  • CSS
  • License

In addition, plugin has a “Brands Page” which located in Products->Brands.


On the “General” tab, we can see:

  • checkbox for displaying thumbnail on brand page
  • field for input thumbnail width
  • dropdown with choose a position for thumbnail
  • checkbox for displaying description on brand page
  • checkbox for displaying brand thumbnail on product page
  • and shortcode instruction

Each user can customize brands to their own taste. Our settings looks like that:


On the “Slider” tab, we can see:

  • checkbox for slider autoplay
  • field for input autoplay speed
  • checkbox for slider infinite
  • checkbox for displaying slider arrows
  • field for input number of brands to scroll
  • checkbox for stopping autoscroll on Focus

Our settings:

We have finished with the main settings, what will be the next step? We don’t have any brands in our store … So, let’s start creating our brands!

Brands Page

Plugin allow creating brands like a categories in WordPress.

Our settings looks like that:

After creating a brand, you’ll should add brand to the product. Go to the Products page, open needed product and add product to brand.

And save changes. Okay, now you can go to the product page and see how your brand on this page look. Our brand looks like that:

In addition, you can look a brand page. Our brand page:

The plugin widgets:

Woocommerce Brands has a 3 widgets:

  • Woocommerce Brands By Name
  • Woocommerce Products Brands
  • Woocommerce Product Brands Description

Woocommerce Brands By Name

Widget to display Brands list by name. You can place this widget to any widget area like other widgets.

Woocommerce Products Brands

Widget to display product brands. You can place this widget to any widget area like other widgets.

WooCommerce Product Brands Description

Widget to display product brand information. You can place this widget to any widget area like other widgets.


The plugin has a 6 shortcodes:

  • [brands_product_thumbnail] – display brand thumbnail on product page. Displayed brand name, when brand has no thumbnail.
  • [brands_info] – display product brand information
  • [product_brands_info] – brand info on product page
  • [brands_products] – display products for specific brand like WooCommerce product category shortcode
  • [brands_list] – list of brands
  • [brands_by_name] – brands list by name

In Conclusion

We hope that this article be useful for you and you’ll try Woocommerce Brands for you store. Additional information about plugin you can find on the plugin page and his documentation.

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